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'Marbree X The Prince'February 13, 2006: Two new roses added: 'Portland from Glendora' and 'Lady Moss' . New photos for 'Gallicandy'.

February 11, 2006: New photos for 'La Belle Sultane', 'Mme. Caroline Testout', 'Mme. Hardy', 'Paul Ricault', 'Alberic Barbier', 'Claire Rose', 'Barbara Oliva', and "Brooks Purple".

January 25, 2006: Four new roses added: 'October Moon', 'Midnight Blue', 'Fakir's Delight', and 'Golden Buddha'.

May 3, 2005: A new rose added: 'Julia's Rose'.

May 1, 2005: Two new roses added: 'Thanks To Sue', and 'Smoky'.

April 12 , 2005: A new rose added: 'Helen Traubel'.

April 5 , 2005: A new rose added: 'Joycie'.

March 27, 2005: A new rose added: 'Mécène'.

March 23 , 2005: A new rose added to my listing: 'Surpasse Tout'.

March 16 , 2005: Two new roses added to my listing, 'Bon Silène' and 'Moore's Striped Rugosa'.

December 22, 2004: December 2004, Brent Dickerson offers a new work on the Damask Perpetuals of the 1840's.

November 13, 2004: A recently registered Moss rose of my own breeding, 'Barbara Oliva'.

November 2, 2004: Bill Grant's article on Older Hybrid Teas, plus a new seedling described, "174-02-03".

October 31, 2004: A new rose added: a Bracteata Hybrid of my own breeding, "04-02-06"

October 20, 2004: Two new roses added, 'Song of the Stars' and 'Marianne'.

October 13, 2004: a new rose added, 'Crimson Blush'.

October 1, 2004: a new rose added, 'Soleil d'Or'.

September 30th, 2004: Link to the Heritage Rose Foundation's California Rose Heritage program listing (in PDF file format), for the May 12, 2005 program.

September 28, 2004: A new rose added, 'Hinrich Gaede'.

September 20, 2004: Link to the new Heritage Rose Foundation's discussion forum.

August 2004: The Dedication of the new Ralph S. Moore Rose Garden in Visalia, California.

July 15th, 2004, new roses listed: 'Nigrette', 'Mons. Tillier', and 'Botzaris'.

July 5th, 2004, new roses listed: 'Harry Wheatcroft', 'Mariposa Gem', and 'William Shakespeare 2000'. Also, a useful article by nurseryman Thomas Rivers, written in 1854 on the culture and history of the Damask Perpetual.

March 4th, 2004: Ralph Moore to be honored with a new park in Visalia! (Note about the project)

February 25th, 2004: A new rose added: 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Red'.

February 17th, 2004: A new rose added: 'Hebe's Lip'.

February 14th, 2004: Four new roses added to my listing: 'La France', 'Verschuren', 'Black Tea', and 'Golden Moss'.

February 9th, 2004: A new rose added to my listing: 'Lady Angela'.

January 5th, 2004: Breeding Roses Around the World, by Ralph S. Moore. From the 1969 publication Gardener's Chronicle and New Horticulturist, Vol, 165, #15.

There is also a lot of work being done to update this site, including new photos to be added, and new roses described. Watch for these in the coming months.

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