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Roses sorted alphabetically by name. Not all rose have an entry yet.

"04-02-06" (a Bracteata Hybrid of my own)
Abraham Darby
Abe Darby seedling #1
Abe Darby seedling #2
Ain't Misbehavin
Alain Blanchard
Alain Blanchard seedling 2000
Alba Maxima
Alberic Barbier
Alfred de Dalmas
Annie Laurie McDowell
Apricot twist
Ardoisée de Lyon
Autumn Delight (removed)
Baby Austin
Baby Darling

Barbara Oliva
Baronne Prevost
Basye's Amphidiploid, F2
Basye's Myrrh Scented Rose
Basye's Purple
Belle Amour
Belle de Crecy
Belle Isis
Belle sans Flatterie
Betty Prior
Black Jade
Black Tea
Blanc de Vibert
Blueberry Hill
Bonica '82
Bon Silène
"Brooks Purple"
Brown Velvet
Buff Beauty
Café Olé
Cal Poly
Capitaine John Ingram
Cardinal De Richelieu
Cardinal Hume
"Carol's Favorite" Gallica
Cee Dee Moss
Céline Forestier
Chapeau de Napoleon
Charles de Mills

Charles Lawson
Charlie Brown
Cinderella Gold
Claire Rose
Climbing Cécile Brünner
Common Moss, Single form
Comte de Chambord
Comtesse de Murinais
Connie Lohn
Constance Spry
Country Living
Cramoisi Picotee
Crested Jewel
Crested Sweetheart
Crimson Blush
Crimson Queen
"Deep Purple"
Désiree Parmentier
Desprez a Fleure Jaune (died)
Diamond Anniversary
Dick Koster
Dorothy Perkins
Double Treat
Dragon's Blood
Dresden Doll
Duc de Fitzjames
Duc de Guiche
Duchesse de Rohan
Duchesse de Montebello
Dusky Maiden
Elegant Design
Ellen Tofflemire
Emperor du Maroc
Empress Josephine
Epplett Moss seedling
Eugène de Beauharnais
Fair Bianca
Fairy Moss
Felicite Parmentier
Foggy Day
Fortune's Double Yellow
Gabriel Noyelle
Gallica seedling #1
Gallica seedling #2
Geoff Hamilton
Gertrude Jekyll
Gloire de Dijon
Gloire de Dijon seedling
Gloire de France
Glowing Amber
Golden Angel
Golden Buddha
Golden Moss
Graham Thomas
Grandma's Pink
Gray Pearl
Great Maiden's Blush
Green Ice
Gruss an Teplitz
Harry Wheatcroft
Hebe's Lip

Helen Traubel
Henri Foucquier
Henri Martin
Honorine de Brabant
Hurdy Gurdy
Iced Tea
Irene Watts
It's Showtime
Ivory Palace
Jacques Cartier
Jacquie Williams
James Mason
James Mitchell
Jayne Austin
Jeanne LaJoie
Jenny Duval
Joan Austin
John Clare
Joyce Barden
Jude the Obscure
Julia's Rose
June Laver
Just for You

Kim Rupert
Konigin von Danemark
La Belle Sultane
La France
La Ville de Bruxelles
Lady Moss
Lady Hillingdon
Lavender Delight
Lavender Pinocchio
Lemon Delight
Lemon Pearls
Lilac Charm
Lilian Austin
Linda Campbell
Lindsay's Rose
Little Chief
Little Darling
Little Pinkie
Loan Hulse
Louise Clements
Loving Touch
Lyda Rose
Magic Carrousel
Marbrée seedling #1
Marbrée seedling #2
Marbrée seedling #4
Marbrée seedling #5
Maréchal Niel
Margo Koster

Marie Louise
Marie Shields
Mariposa Gem
Martha Gonzales
Mayor of Casterbridge
Mme A. Labbey
Mme Berard
Mme Caroline Testout
Mme Caroline Testout, climbing
Mme de la Roche-Lambert
Mme Ernst Calvat
Mme Hardy (Felicité Hardy)
Mme Isaac Perriere
Mme Lombard
Mel Hulse
Montecito F2
Mons. Tillier
Mood Music
Moore's Classic Perpetual
Moore's Pink Perpetual
Moore's Striped Rugosa
Mosseaux du Japon
Mrs. John Laing
Mrs. Oakley Fischer
Mrs. Sam McGredy
Mrs. William Paul
Muriel Humenick
New Dawn
"Nightmoss #1"
"Nightmoss #2"
"Nightmoss #3"
Nuits de Young
Oakington Ruby
October Moon
Old Blush
"Orange Moss"
Orchid Jubilee
Oriental Simplex
Orpheline de Juillet
Out of Yesteryear
Overnight Scentsation
Paul Neyron
Paul Ricault
Peach Candy
Penny Ante
Perle d'Or
Pink Clouds
Pink Koster
Pink Poodle
Pink Powderpuff

Portland From Glendora
Precious Dream
Princemoss (Mel Hulse)
Princemoss #2 (Loan Hulse)
Purple Buttons
Queen Elizabeth
R. damascena bifera (Autumn Damask)
R. damascena semperflorens
Rainbow Starlight
Red Alert
"Red Gold"
"Red Star"
Red Trail
Reine des Violettes
Rêve d'Or
Reversion Sport of Green Rose
Rise n Shine
(Rise 'N' Shine X Abraham Darby)
(Rise 'N' Shine X Gloire de Dijon) #1
Robert Leopold
Rosa bracteata
Rosa foliolosa
Rosa multiflora

Rosa Mundi
Rosa nutkana
Rosa roxburghii
Rosa rugosa rubra
Rosa sericea ptericantha
R. wichuraiana variegata
Rosa woodsii fendleri

Rose de Rescht
Rose de Rescht X Tradescant
Rose du Roi
Rose Gilardi
Roseraie de l'Hay
Royal Blush
Ruby Princess
"Rush Family Rose"
Sally Holmes
San Francisco Sunset
Scarlet Moss
"Scarlet-Nightmoss" (seedling)
Schoener's Nutkana
Sealed With A Loving Kiss, (aka S.W.A.L.K.)
Secret Garden Musk Climber
Secret Recipe
September Morn
Sequoia Gold
Sequoia Ruby
Sharifa Asma
Sharon's Delight
Sheri Anne
Single's Better
Sissinghurst Castle
Slater’s Crimson China
Smoke Signals
Song of The Stars
Souvenir de la Malmaison
Souvenir de la Malmaison, climbing
Souvenir de President Lincoln
St. Cecelia
St. Swithun
Striped Moss
Stanwell Perpetual
Star of the Nile
Stolen Moment
Strange Music
Suntan Beauty
Surpasse Tout
Sweet Chariot
Sweet Juliet
Tausendschon (died)
Teasing Georgia
Teddy Bear
Thanks to Sue
the Green Rose
The Impressionist
The Prince
Tiny Flame
Tom Thumb
Topaz Jewel
Toy Balloon
Tricolore de Flandre
Tuscany Superb
Twilight Skies
Unidentified HP
Variegata di Bologna
Vineyard Song
Violet Hood
Wedding Cake
White Bath
White Koster
Why Not
William Baffin
"William Grant"
William Lobb
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare 2000
Work of Art
Yellow Bantam

Archived articles, sorted alphabetically by author:

Barden, Paul:
Some new Photos to Chase Away the Winter Blues (February 2006)
Discovering How Color Works (In Breeding. December 2005)
A Review of Older Hybrid Teas (September 2005)
Gene Counts of the Hybrid Bracteatas, David Zlesak Co-author (June 2005)
A Review of Remontant and Non-Remontant Old Garden Roses (March 2005)
A Review of Remontant and Non-Remontant Old Garden Roses, part 2 (April 2005)
Progress in my Hybridizing Program (February 2005)
A Few Personal Gardening Philosophies (October 2004)
A Legacy of Magic; The Story of Magic Wand (April 2004)
My Approach to Pollination of Roses, Harvest of Seed and the Production of Seedlings. (February 2004)
Caring for Miniature Roses (November 2003)
My 2003 Seedling Selections (September 2003)
A Brief Primer on Breeding Miniature Roses (February 2003)
Archiving the Moore Miniatures
(November 2002)
The Basics of Photographing Roses (October 2002)
An Update on Ralph Moore's work with Crested Roses (February 2002)
Can I Rest Now?! (July 2002 Newsletter)
"0-47-19", Hybridizer's Touchstone. (December 2001)
My Favorite New Roses This Season! (September 2001)
What's New This Summer (August 2001)
A Brief Biography of Ralph Moore's Career
Ralph Moore's Career, Documented On Film! (July 2001)
Pruning the Old Garden Roses (March 2000)
Hybridizing with the Gallicas (November 2000)
Roses Are Hard to Grow (August 2000)
It's Spring Again! (includes discussion about Moss roses)
My "Recommended Reading" list
List of Suggested Rose Suppliers
Alfalfa Tea for your Roses
My List of offsite links
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A list of Articles about the History of The Rose
A complete list of Ralph Moore's writings available here
A list of valuable articles about Rose Hybridization
A list of writings pertaining to the culture and propagation of the Rose
Credit Where Credit is Due, my thanks to the many contributors to this site.

Bell, Leonie:
Banshee: The Great Impersonator

Delahanty, James: (with Kim Rupert)
What Was Lost is Found…
Hennessey on Roses, a book review
Field Report of Rose Characteristics, a review.

Dickerson, Brent C.:
Damask Perpetuals of the 1840's.
Out Of The Mists Of The Past, Into The Mists Of The Present.
The history of the China Roses
Debut of the Hybrid China Roses
A Brief History of the Hybrid Perpetual
History of the Bourbon roses
An Appreciation of Jean Pierre Vibert

Erlanson, Dr. Eileen W.:
Breeding Potential of American Rose Species

Flores, Alice:
Classification of Roses

Grant, Bill:
The Padre of the Roses
Early Hybrid Teas (November 2004)

Grapes, Colonel Kenneth
Pruning Roses With Hedgetrimmers

Hanrahan, Patrick:
The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful
The Virtues and Flaws of David Austin Roses

Hedenberg, Richard:
A Primer On Soil- Organic Amendments

Hulse, Mel:
The Rose Rustler's Toolkit

Hurst, C.C.:
Notes On The Origin of The Moss Rose

Jennings, Jeri:
Virus in Roses; What Is It?
Off With Their Heads! A Californian's Guide to Winter Pruning

Koehler, Mary:
Let's Revive A Lost Art (Obscure and Unique Rose Recipes)

Konsmo, Dennis:
Growing Roses in Pots

Kuska, Dr. Henry:
Saving And Sowing Your Own Rose Seeds

Lammerts, Walter:
The Scientific Basis Of Rose Breeding

Lawrence, Dr. G. H. M.:
History and Nomenclature of the Fairy Roses

LeGrice, Edward:
the Inheritance of color in Roses
Inheritance Of Unusual Colors in Roses

LeMenteur, Pierre:
The New Blue Roses (April Fools, 2002)

Lohn, K.
Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law as it Applies to Roses (March 2004)

Fredrik Liljeblad:
A Subtle Beauty—Brown and Other Odd-Colored Roses (June-July 2003)

Mander, George:
Roses of Excellence (discussion of his work in breeding roses, including 'Glowing Amber')

Manners, Dr. Malcolm:
Sucessful Germination of Rose Seed
The Nature of Spontaneous Mutations, or "Sports" in Roses
Grafting techniques for roses (On Dr. Manners' web site)
Tips for successful grafting in roses
Pruning Old Garden Roses (also On Malcolm's web site)

McCann, Sean:
An Introduction to Some of My Roses
New Life For Old Roses
Purple in Roses

Moore, Ralph S.:
The Dedication of the Ralph S. Moore Rose Garden, May 2004.
Rose Breeding Around The World
Miniature Roses in Hanging Baskets
How Do We Measure?
Breeding With Crested Moss
All About Miniature Roses
"To Touch a Rainbow", (Creating New Miniatures), 1974
Out of China, a brief essay on the history of the China Roses
A Study Of Moss And Miniature Roses, from 1967
Some Ideas In Plant Propagation, as it pertains mostly to roses
Striped Roses Are Here! from the 1985 American Rose Annual
Cutting Propagation of Roses, reproduced from the International Plant Propagators Society, Vol 28, 1978
The Breeding And Developement of Modern Moss Roses, on Karl King's web site

Monteith, Joan:
The Reproductive Anatomy of a Rose

Neumeyer, David:
Species and Groups Ploidy List
Beginner's Article on Rose Breeding (on ARS web site)

Oliva, Barbara:
How Roses Came To California

Perry, Jill:
What is a Tea Rose?

Rivers, Thomas:
The Perpetual Damask Rose, 1854 article.

Rupert, Kim:
Micro Minis
Coffee Roses
What Was Lost is Found… The Story About the Rediscovery of 'Climbing Yellow Sweetheart' (with James Delahunty)

Schoener, Father George:
Breeding With Rosa gigantea

Sheppard, Roy:
ABC's of rose breeding

Shohan, Lily:
Old Roses For Fragrance

Shupp, Anastasia:
Climbers: If It's Taller Than A Bush, What Do I Do With It? (January 2003)

Soil Analysis: Just Do It! (March 2003)

Thomas, Graham:
Mysteries of The Musk Rose

Verrier, Suzanne:
Some of My Favorite Roses
Roses in the Shade

Wilkinson, Ed:
Sangerhausen Rosarium (with Photos by Lorrie Freeman)

Wylie, Ann:
A document from 1954 listing the ploidy (gene count) of many of the roses up to that time

Zlesak, David:
Gene Counts of the Hybrid Bracteatas, Paul Barden Co-author

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