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Alba Roses

As yet, I don't grow many of the Alba roses. I do like the ones I do grow, and I expect that I will eventually include more. There are a few that I have small plants of which have not yet bloomed, and so I do not include pages for them yet. ('Armide')

From Brent Dickerson: "As is so often the case with roses, the precise origin of the Alba group is much debated; possibly R. canina x R. damascena, or R. corymbifera x R. gallica, or . . . ? Albas typically make large, healthy shrubs with fragrant white or light pink blossoms, usually in few-flowered clusters. They have particular associations with the Middle Ages and castle gardens."

As a group, the Alba roses are very graceful shrubs, generally of fairly large stature. The only one I would suggest for a small garden is Félicité Parmentier, which tends to stay under 5 feet in height, and is more upright than the rest. The larger ones, such as alba maxima are sophisticated arching shrubs which are best left unpruned, so that they may express their natural form.

These roses are all hardy to at leat zone 5, and some to even zone 3. All are once blooming in early summer. They are also reknowned for their exceptional, sweet fragrances.

Alba Semi-plena Félicité Parmentier
Armide Great Maiden's Blush
R.alba maxima Konigin von Danemark
Crimson Blush Royal Blush

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